Monday, 23 February 2009

bottle rocking the airwaves

subcity radio begins its FM broadcast this week - huzzah! so now you can hear bottle rocket radio (and Glasgow Uni's other splendid radio shows) on the ol' timer wireless as well as on the interweb. we're thursday afternoon, 2-3pm, but don't worry if you're busy or live in foreign lands, cos the show's will continue to be archived and made available for re-listening across here. if you're a weegie with a radio though, then 106.6fm is your tuning destination - get on it, quick, quick!

this week, we'll have our second themed show, and in a somewhat unimaginative move, it's, er, the same theme as last time. that's right, it's movie special 2: son of movie special, where we'll play all the songs we didn't have time for a fortnight ago, and do a bit of chinwagging about the oscars, the glasgow film festival and probably a wee bit of unrelated gushing about saturday.


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