Sunday, 19 July 2009

bottle rocket july...

was flipping ace! thanks to anyone who came down and filled up the dancefloor, it was one of the best in aaaaaages.

some thoughts:

a) michael jackson is really rather popular these days.

b) its nice when people request amazing songs that we want to play anyway - it makes us feel all chivalrous and generous an' that. it's also nice when people request songs that are pretty unlikely, but they ask with a little hint of awkwardness that says: 'yeah, i know you won't play bonkers or cotton eye joe, but thanks for hearing me out...'

c) atlas is a damn good song to dance to, though i'm gonna have to pace myself better on these seven minute choons - my dancing bones feel bruised. although not everyone is a fan, if i'm reading the mysterious note passed to us at the end by a drunken patron correctly: "why do you play battles?" it asks. "i move with the MOVEMENT!". indeed.

d) i probably should stop putting motown on the poster since i'm always woefully unprepared for requests from the genre... sorry.

e) elton john is really rather divisive.

here's what was played:

1. peter, bjorn and john - up against the wall
2. au revoir simone - shadows
3. club 8 - saturday night engine
4. juni jarvi - if we just want to
5. felt - the day the rain came down
6. shout out louds - very loud
7. suburban kids with biblical names - trumpets and violins
8. velvet underground - beginning to see the light
9. wedding present - come up and see me (make me smile)
10. talking heads - psycho killer
11. the fall - rowche rumble
12. manic street preachers - jackie collins existential question time
13. mclusky - to hell with good intentions
14. 80s matchbox b-line disaster - psychosis safari
15. tv on the radio - dancing choose
16. passion pit - sleepyhead
17. david bowie - let's dance
18. prince - kiss
19. the belle stars - sign of the times
20. public image ltd. - rise
21. the mae shi - lamb and lion
22. dananananaykroyd - watch this!
23. jimi hendrix - crosstown traffic
24. little richard - little bit of something (sure beats a whole lot of nothing)
25. chuck berry - johnny b. goode
26. camera obscura - french navy
27. martha reeves - heatwave
28. marvin gaye & kim weston - it takes two
29. the pipettes - your kisses are wasted on me
30. lucky soul - whoah billy
31. the lucksmiths - sunlight in a jar
32. fleetwood mac - everywhere
33. go-betweens - bye bye pride
34. blondie - picture this
35. le tigre - hot topic
36. christie laume - la musique et la dance
37. the lucksmiths - t-shirt weather
38. creedence clearwater revival - bad moon rising
39. otis redding - respect
40. aretha franklin - think
41. jackie wilson - higher
42. the kinks - lola
43. girls aloud - the promise
44. bruce springsteen - dancing in the dark
45. clap your hands say yeah - skin of my yellow country teeth
46. ladyhawke - my delirium
47. kirsty maccoll - he's on the beach
48. altered images - i could be happy
49. belle and sebastian - electronic renassiance
50. the housemartins - the people who grinned themselves to death
51. the smiths - ask
52. the police - don't stand so close to me
53. blur - mor
54. aztec camera - oblvious
55. abba - voulez vouz
56. elton john - crocodile rock
57. michael jackson - the way you make me feel
58. the strokes - new york city cops
59. lcd soundsystem - daft punk is playing at my house
60. the rapture - get myself into it
61. battles - atlas
62. patsy cline - walking after midnight

and we remembered to take pictures this month! they'll follow in the next few days...

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  1. Nice one man, playlist looks amazing! Sad i couldn' be there! Roll on next month!x