Sunday, 21 June 2009

bottle rocket june round up

tis the morning after the done-ing and dusted-ing of bottle rocket's 12th (!) full club night! which makes next month an extra-special anniversary month, which we shall celebrate in the appropriate style: bottle rocket will forget until the last minute, causing a massive argument only rectified through lashings of make-up sex.

er, i mean we'll have a bacchanalian party the likes of which the world has never before witnessed! we'll great-gatsby glasgow to pieces!

well, we'll have a party at any rate.

but since this is all still 39, 495 minutes away (and that's a fact cos i mathed it), let's discuss last night's bottle rocket!

ta to all that popped along and danced with us. it was a learning experience. we learned that:

a) linday lohan is, in fact, a recording artist as well as an actress/party-girl, and her recordings are deemed requestable.

b) people really like the safety dance. apologies to mike for dissauding him from playing it so many times before...

c) st elmos fire is fucking rad.

d) we need to get a single-edit of common people. cos my legs aint feeling too good after six minutes of frenetic dancing/hopping around.

and e) attempts to put kenickie in a cd player will always result in punka being played, even if the user intended to play pvc. it's just too bloody tempting.

here're the songs:

1. holy fuck - lovely allen
2. m83 - kim & jessie
3. yacht - psychic city
4. passion pit - sleepyhead
5. grandaddy - a.m. 180
6. dinosaur jr - i want you to know
7. sonic youth - sacred trickster
8. dressy bessy - electrified
9. dandy warhols - cool as kim deal
10. danananaykroyd - black wax
11. the thermals - no culture icons
12. love is all - big bangs, black holes, meteorites
13. the brownies - fight night
14. the vapours - turning japanese
15. franz ferdinand - no you girls
16. yo la tengo - big day
17. ballboy - you can't spend your whole life hanging around with arseholes
18. lucksmiths - t shirt weather
19. suburban kids with biblical names - funeral face
20. jens lekman - i saw her at the anti-war demonstration
21. mgmt - electric feel
22. kate bush - running up that hill
23. dubstar - not so manic now
24. sambassadeur - final say
25. blondie - heart of glass
26. the cure - inbetween days
27. electric light orchestra - don't bring me down
28. the undertones - the kids don't like it
29. the specials - little bitch
30. toots and the maytals - my daily food
31. the beach boys - wouldn't it be nice
32. michael jackson - beat it
33. chromeo - fancy footwork
34. vv brown - crying blood
35. the pipettes - pull shapes
36. camera obscura - french navy
37. the raveonettes - my boyfriend's back
38. eddie floyd - knock on wood
39. jonathan richman - roadrunner
40. the clash - train in vain
41. pavement - cut your hair
42. magnetic fields - chicken with its head cut off
43. belle and sebastian - me and the major
44. violent femmes - blister in the sun
45. au revoir simone - night majestic
46. helen shapiro - walking back to happiness
47. prince - raspberry beret
48. madonna - papa don't preach
49. men without hats - safety dance
50. yeah yeah yeahs - off with their heads
51. los campesinos - ways to make it through the wall
52. kenickie - punka
53. pixies - gouge away
54. death from above 1979 - blood on our hands
55. the stooges - search and destroy
56. john parr - st elmo's fire
57. neon neon - i told her on alderaan
58. omd - electricity
59. orange juice - satellite city
60. the smiths - what difference does it make?
61. patrick wolf - the magic position
62. the strokes - last night
63. weezer - buddy holly
64. pulp - common people
65. dexy's midnight runners - there there my dear


oh, and we completely forgot to take any snaps this month, so here's a dinosaur instead.


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