Wednesday, 15 July 2009

T in the Park 2009...

...was rather splendid all in all. after seven-ish years on the trot (they all start to blur together after a while) i skipped 2008 and didn't think i'd go back again (what with me getting on in years and all). its amazing how plans change when free tickets are on offer...

i'm still sunburned (my lips keep cracking every time i smile, which made bruce springsteen last night bloody painful), sore (for some reason i decided, two nights running, that the best make-shift pillow was a 2 litre bottle of lemonade with a plastic bag on top) and annoyed (at missing blur), but also chuffed i got to see a whole lot of top stuff, much of which i've written about for the skinny's website.

so head over for coverage of friday, saturday and sunday, where i've reviewed passion pit, manic street preachers, vv brown and, um, lady gaga amongst others, and other skinny-scribes have done likewise for vast swathes of the remaining bill. it's a jolly good read yknow.

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