Thursday, 8 July 2010

bottle rocket's 2nd birthday extravaganza!

Readers and well-wishers, you are cordially invited to July's Bottle Rocket - which just so happens to be its second anniversary bash! 'But what difference does it make?' you might ask. Well, as Morrisey conceded, it makes none, although it does make BR sound like a proper club with a history and everything. So if you fancy a bit of indie-pop, soul, rock 'n' roll, post-punk and the like, get your party frock on and head to

SAT 17th JULY!
11:30pm - 3am!
for the low low price of
£3! (free if you're upstairs before 11:30)

Requests are most welcome - stick yours on the facebook wall - as is cake. No, don't put THAT on the wall; what is this, an hilarious montage of unruly toddlers from You've Been Framed?! Sheesh

RSVP here aye?

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