Friday, 8 October 2010

boooooooottle roooooooocket, 16th oooooctoooober!

hmmm, the title of this post was supposed to seem spooky to reflect the dead good (geddit? DEAD!) poster image. instead it just looks like it's pronounced "böttle röcket, 16th öctöber", and if that was the desired effect i'd sure as stanley have used umlauts in the first place. but i digress...

here's what mikey has to say about next week's dance party:

As you may have read in the popular press, the world is on the brink of collapse, what with all the civil unrest and budget cuts and questionable decisions on the X Factor. This is bad news friends, bad news. In the unlikely event that society remains intact until Saturday 16th October however, why not celebrate this achievement at bottle rocket? For a few glorious hours you can forget the travails of this hideous age by dancing away to some indiepop, soul, new wave, post-punk and straight up pop music.

So that's:

300p (or free before 11:30)

If you have any requests please stick them on the facebook wall, although with the impending apocalypse we'd ask that you make them particularly good. Godspeed.

i think that bout covers things - come an' have a dance folks!

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