Tuesday, 5 April 2011

dance (if you wanna)

This month’s bottle rocket coincides with Record Store Day, so once you’re done buying up all the limited edition, ultra-exclusive, uber-fetishised vinyl on offer, come along and enjoy music in a far more egalitarian manner at our dancing wonderland. Why covet a rare Talulah Gosh demos EP when we’ll play Bringing Up Baby for everyone’s pleasure? Why get anxious over the scarcity of the Franz Ferdinand covers collection, when we’ll spin the very same bands – from LCD Soundsystem to ESG – anyway? If you’re too late to pick up the Charles Douglas, Edwyn Collins and Kate Bush releases, you’ll be sure to hear the same artists in our dancing den. Well, maybe not ‘sure to hear them’ (the likelihood is probably closer to 64% since we’re notoriously forgetful) but the intention is there at least…

16th April!
11:30pm – 3:00am!
£3 or free before 11:30pm!

(and stick your requests on the facebook wall below and we’ll give em a go).

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