Saturday, 7 May 2011

i'm voting bottle rocket

Bottle Rocket is two week's today! myself and michael are otherwise engaged laying down some funky wedding beats (i.e. playing 'we didn't start the fire' in a different room from usual), but we'll leave you in the capable hands of our 'mystery djs', as mike puts it below...

Given last week's events in Kelvingrove Park, Bottle Rocket is somewhat reluctant to send a Facebook invite for an event. So if you're intercepting this Strathclyde Police, there will definitely NOT be any drinking or dancing going on at Sleazy's on Saturday 21st May, no siree.

Right, that's the fuzz off our trail. Like the rest of the world, BR is all about change this month. Also like the rest of the world, this change will no...t really change very much. As an elusive leader who has done very little recently finally met a grizzly and ignominious end (eat my biting satire, Iain Gray), so too will the reins of power at Bottle Rocket shift for one special night. Yes, we'll be welcoming two secret guest DJs this month, but don't worry, as they'll be sticking to the BR manifesto of indie, pop, soul, new wave and the like, and will almost certainly be better than we are.

11:30 - 3AM!
£3! (or free if you're in before 11:30)

Just don't invite all your pure mental pals though, there will be no stabbing police horses as this shindig if you please

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