Sunday, 28 August 2011

interpol @ O2 academy, 23rd august

In case anyone isn’t au fait with Interpol’s recent line-up shifts, tonight’s bass-heavy mix draws all eyes to new face Brad Truax. Replacing David Pajo (who in turn replaced Carlos D), the long-haired Truax stands out a mile in such coiffured company, but musically he slots right in. Yet despite his efforts, the night carries a slight air of disappointment.

It would be convenient to blame a preponderance of new material (most would), but Our Love To Admire and Interpol chip in at least one highlight a piece in the form of Rest My Chemistry and Memory Serves; and besides, when even recent single Barricade doesn’t make the cut, they can hardly be accused of flogging what is, to many, a dead horse of a record.

Conversely, it’s cherished cuts from Turn on the Bright Lights and Antics that struggle most, thanks to wayward tempos. Songs like Slow Hands and Say Hello to the Angles are rushed, a haste likely prompted by their tardy arrival on stage. They still manage to squeeze in nineteen-songs, ending on a magnificent Obstacle 1, but generous quantity can’t disguise an occasionally below-par quality.

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