Tuesday, 6 September 2011

september skinny

The Skinny

Have you picked up your copy of Scotland's Best Print Publication yet?* you really should, it's full of goodies. Here's a list of my contributions...

- shonen knife live review (read here!)
- jello biafra and the guantanamo school of medicine live review (read here!)
- chad vangaalen live review (read here!)
- chad vangaalen does the dirty dozen (singles reviews - read here!)
- nurses - 'dracula' album review (read here!)
- farewell poetry - 'hoping for the invisible to ignite' album review
- waters - 'out in the light' album review (read here!)
- trips and falls - 'people have to be told' album review (read here!)
- peter wolf crier - 'garden of arms' album review (read here!)
- shimmering stars - 'violent hearts' album review (read here!)
- molly wagger - 'flambeaux' album review (read here!)
- cant - 'dreams come true' album review (read here!)
- the shivers - 'more' album review
- the green wave film review
- my voyage to italy album review

anything not yet on the blog will be added in the weeks to come!

* though it's not clear quite how much of an honour the Scottish New Music Awards gongs are having read The Pop Cop's cutting assessment...

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