Thursday, 1 December 2011

new skinny!

cor blimey, it's practically christmas! since 2011 is all but over (sort of), the last skinny of the year follows custom and rounds up the year's best releases, crowning st. vincent's strange mercy album of the year and the tree of life film of the year. I voted in both polls, but i'll hold off posting my actual favourites in each till i've had a chance to check out all the stuff i've missed...

The Skinny

here's what i contributed:

- album of the year #10: fucked up - 'david comes to life' appraisal (including interview with mr jo)
- album of the year #3: bill wells and aidan moffat - 'everything's getting older' appraisal (including interview with wells and moffat)
- film of the year #3: meek's cutoff appraisal
- film of the year #9: le quattro volte appraisal
- dannananykroyd gig review (read here!)
- take a worm for a walk week review december's singles
- bill wells - 'lemondale' album review (read here!)
- she & him - 'a very she & him christmas' album review (read here!)
- kid chocolat - 'kaleidoscope' album review
- butcher the bar - 'for each a future tethered' album review (read here!)
- poetry dvd review (read here!)

ho ho ho!

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