Wednesday, 1 February 2012

clap your hands say yeah @ swg3, 28th january

Last year, Hysterical exploded the myth that Clap Your Hands Say Yeah’s introductory hype was blogger folly. The myth was already shaky – Some Loud Thunder is pretty awesome for a supposed sophomore slump – but nonetheless, the way they quietly re-ingratiated themselves after a four year absence made clear they weren’t yet ready for the chalk outline and toe tags. But another reputation lingers; that for all their appeal on record, they’re not much cop live.

On the contrary; the apathy and laxity that marred certain early shows has hardened into a steely professionalism, tonight's set streamlined and invigorating. Predictably, tracks from the debut garner the most enthusiasm – The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth has lost none of its vitality, while the crescendoing synths that close Details of the War command attention – but they’re surrounded by evidence of CYHSY’s enduring appeal, not least the moderate eccentricities of Maniac. Welcome back.

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