Sunday, 11 March 2012

another month, another skinny

grimes on the cover, and reviews with meshuggah, lambchop, christopher doyle and die hard (amongst others )inside.

oh, and this stuff, by me.

- 'strange powers' (interview with mr stephin merritt of the magnetic fields - read here!)
- the machine room - 'love from a distance' ep review (read here!)
- emir kusterica and the no smoking orchestra live review (read here!)
- father murphy - 'anyway your children will deny it' album review
- the magnetic fields - 'love at the bottom of the sea' album review (read here!)
- the wedding present - 'valentina' album review (read here!)
- lee ranaldo - 'between the times and the tides' album review (read here!)
- special forces dvd review

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