Tuesday, 10 July 2012

july skinny


Cor, that Twin Shadow album's pretty awesome, eh? He's on the cover of this month's Skinny as you can see, with a big ol' feature and five-star album-of-the-month review of Confess inside. Here's a list of my offerings from its pages:

- 'T in the Park 2012: The Magnificent Seven' - preview of Teengirl Fantasy (read here!)
- Twin Shadow - 'Confess' album review (read here!)
- Wussy - 'Buckeye' album review
- Shonen Knife - 'Pop Tune' album review (read here!)
- Milk Maid - 'Mostly No' album review (read here!)
- White Manna - 'White Manna' album review
- 7 Days in Havana film review (read here!)
- Rampart DVD review

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