Tuesday, 7 August 2012

august skinny


Behind this rather pretty front cover lie words - many many words, arranged in interesting orders. here are the bits that i call my own...

- tune-yards/muscles of joy @ oran mor gig review (read here!)
- school of seven bells/churches @ stereo gig review (read here!)
- bis/we are the physics @ mono gig review (read here!)
- the dirty dozen, in which school of seven bells review the month's singles (read here!)
- why - 'sod in the seed' EP review (read here!)
- chilly gonzales - 'solo piano II' album review (up soon!)
- eugene mcguinness - 'the invitation to the voyage' album review (read here!)
- james yorkston - 'i was a cat from a book' album review (read here!)
- tamara schlesinger - 'the procession' album review (read here!)
- six organs of admittance - 'ascent' album review (read here!)
- the big eyes family players & friends - 'folk songs II' album review (read here!)
- 'the shy retirer' - interview with perfume genius (up soon!)
- 'the forgiveness of blood' film review (read here!)
- 'airborne' dvd review (read here!)
- 'delicacy' dvd review (read here!)

pick up a copy from all the usual places ye filthy animals

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