Wednesday, 3 October 2012

dvd review: The Fairy

the fairy

 La Fée is the third feature from a three-way filmmaking partnership, in which each member shares three roles: writer, director, and performer. It’s about an unorthodox fairy named Fiona (Fiona Gordon), who offers three wishes to a hotel night watchman named Dom (a deadpan Dominique Abel); two are granted immediately, while the third is delayed by a series of comic set-pieces.

Like Fiona, the film’s success ratio is about two thirds, with the magic of the opening acts drifting marginally into tedium by the end, but for a while at least, it’s enchantingly silly. The trio (rounded out by Bruno Romy as a myopic Magoo-like café owner) concoct a giddy string of sight gags, child-like dance routines and ever-escalating farce, spinning a fluffy yarn with echoes of Keaton’s silent cinema and Tati’s almost-silent cinema. But it's too lax and patchy for greatness – and is played too broad for some tastes – leaving it, appropriately enough, a three star experience.

Out 8th October

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