Wednesday, 2 January 2013

most played 2012

for bottle rocket, 2012 was a year of change (in that we moved from saturdays to fridays) and stubborn stasis (in that our playlists remain resistant to modernisation...).

here's a top 30 of the acts we most frequently reached for in the last 12 months. the order is a little arbitrary, but that's ok; it's just for fun!

acts from last year's list to drop out this time around include surfer blood, the radio dept, depeche mode, pulp and erstwhile top-10-er weezer... 'wh-wh-what?!' i hear you cry. 'well who the devil's replaced them then'? the answer is: this lot...

30. le tigre
29. xtc
28. new order
27. errors
26. rem
25. lcd soundsystem
24. ash
23. belle and sebastian
22. michael jackson
21. jonathan richman and the modern lovers
20. orange juice
19. pavement
18. twin shadow
17. devo
16. idlewild
15. the undertones
14. the cure
13. the beastie boys
12. pixies
11. sparks

10. abba

9. blondie

8. the magnetic fields

7. prince

6. bruce springsteen

5. the b-52s

4. talking heads

3. the smiths

2. fleetwood mac

1. david bowie

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