Sunday, 7 April 2013

NEWS (bad)

Sad news friends.  After almost 5 years, Bottle Rocket as we know it is coming to an end in May. We'd like to thank Sleazys for putting up with our questionable music and drunken dancing for so long, but time waits for no ramshackle pop club night. Sleazys is moving on and so must we.

There are two more BR's left at Sleazys (19th April, 17th May), which promise to be emotionally-charged affairs. It's been a pleasure to inflict our music tastes on you for the last few years, so thanks for humouring us. This won't be the end of Bottle Rocket however: we've had a few ideas bouncing around for a while, so with any luck we'll be back in some form or another in the coming months. Watch this space, i guess...

Finally and most importantly, we'd like to thank YOU: the beating, boogie-ing heart of Bottle Rocket. Unless you never came. In which case go fuck yourself. Or alternatively: come along for the last two!

Lots of love,

Chris and Mike

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