Monday, 22 July 2013

this month's reading material

another month, another edition of The Skinny, which comes in both Scottish, Foalsy-form:

and Northwest, Moneyish-form:

My contributions? Why, thanks for asking!

- The Stone Roses @ Glasgow Green live review (read here!)
- Daughn Gibson - 'Me Moan' album review (read here!)
- Fists - 'Phantasm' album review (read here!)
- Bell X1 - 'Chop Chop' album review (read here!)
- Lust for Youth - 'Perfect View' album review (read here!)
- Laki Mera - 'Turn All Memory to White Noise' album review
- Scott and Charlene's Wedding - 'Any Port in a Storm' album review
- Nadine Shah - 'Love Your Dum and Mad' album review (read here!)
- Icky Blossoms - 'Icky Blossoms' album review (read here!)
- Blancanieves film review (read here!)
- Post Tenebras Lux film review (read here!)
- No film review (read here!)

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