Thursday, 26 September 2013

September skinny

just a few days left before it's replaced by October's issue, so grab one while you can...

The cover of the Northwest edition has Factory Floor gazing out of it, while in Scotland, it looks like this:


Inside, i wrote the following:

- 'Not Alone: Robbie Cooper on Human Is Not Alone' feature (read here!)
- 'The Art of Letting Go: An Interview with RM Hubbert' feature (read here!)
- Delorean - 'Apar' album review (read here!)
- RM Hubbert - 'Breaks and Bone' album review (read here!)
- Volcano Choir - 'Unpave' album review (read here!)
- The National Jazz Trio of Scotland - 'Standard Vol. 2' album review (read here!)

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