Tuesday, 26 May 2009

may skinny

i've been meaning to start adding reviews and stuff to this blog thingy for a while, and i guess there's no time like the present. this month's edition of the skinny is still kicking about in various places if you don't have a copy yet, and inside are some album reviews wot i did rite:

Miles Benjamin Antony Robinson - Miles Benjamin Antony Robinson (4*)
Pumajaw - Favourites (3*)
The Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love (4*)

there's also a wee review of thomas truax's gig at brel last month (where he rather nicely held up my album review from the last issue as part of his cd-sales pitch).

and finally a little preview of aidan moffat & the best ofs now past gig at stereo...

stepping away from the self-promotion for a moment, there's also a cracking cover-feature interview with grizzly bear (who were awesome at all tomorrow's parties) and various other features with the likes of jason lytle, the vaselines and over the wall.

i'll probably add little summaries of my input for each issue from now on, and in the meantime, may i point you in the direction of the skinny website, www.theskinny.co.uk? i may? ok then, i shall. it's there ----------> skinny.co.uk

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