Thursday, 21 May 2009

radio! is! back!

yay! we were wrong, subcity is still broadcasting! so me and michael have just been playing some more nice songs - the show's up on, so if you didn't catch it live but don't wanna miss out on the radio highlight of the year, then you know what to do!

between breathlessly recounting our highlights of all tomorrow's parties, putting the vault feature to bed and getting excited about stag and dagger, we played:

- marnie stern - prime
- melt banana - a dreamer who is too weak to face up to
- teenage fanclub - i don't want control of you
- bon iver - skinny love
- gang of four - not great men
- the mae shi - run to your grave
- devo - girl u want
- beirut - sunday smile
- cats in paris - foxes
- dananananaykroyd - some dresses
- manic street preachers - peeled apples
- lynyrd skynyrd - freebird


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