Wednesday, 30 December 2009

nearly 2010!

hello! hope y'all had a wonderful christmas! i did, but christmas is sooooo last week - it's all about new year now. which is why bottle rocket is gearing up for a whole day of celebrations tomorrow: first up, we'll be doing a SPECIAL TWO HOUR RADIO SHOW on subcity in the slightly later slot of 2pm till 4pm. the spectacularly imaginative theme is 'best of decade blah blah blah', and since there'll be THREE of us in the studio for a change, we'll go through each of the years offering one song choice each. our songs will then battle one another TO THE DEATH. should be fun. then, we'll be in nice n sleazys playing happytastic music in the upstairs bar from 9pm till 4am 2010 (well, a big chunk of that at least - we'll be splitting the time with sleazys regular/all-round nice bloke giles).

so whatever you've got planned for tomorrow night, we hope bottle rocket end up a part of it!

RADIO: - 2pm till 4pm
SLEAZYS: upstairs, 9pm till 4am


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