Wednesday, 16 December 2009

raydeo past and future

it appears i never got round to updating the blog after last week's radio show - all tomorrow's parties had me a little preoccupied i guess... i had a fellow atp-goer in the studio, chit chatting about the impending festivities, but it wasn't all butlins-based build up - we, naturally, managed to squeeze in a couple of christmas songs... here's what we played:

- frightened rabbit - it's christmas so we'll stop
- alexander tucker - poltergeist's grazing
- tortoise - prepare your coffin
- afrirampo - nakimushikemushi good bye!
- dirty three - sister let them try and follow
- papa m - over jordan
- shellac - canaveral
- the breeders - happiness is a warm gun
- devendra banhart - 16th and valencia roxy music
- deerhoof - my diamond star car
- depeche mode - just can't get enough
- mariah carey - all i want for christmas is you

you can listen again to it here

moving on...

tomorrow's show will be very very very christmassy - the yulegates are open and the festivefloods are filling bottle rocket up to the brim. i haven't decided on a fixed playlist, but joy formidable's new christmas track will feature, as will something from the utterly ridiculous yet strangely loveable twisted sister 'a twisted christms' (which landed on my doorstep this morning). the only rule is i won't repeat anything from last year's christmas show, which is still available to stream here. but that still leaves plenty of cracking christmas music to rummage through - find out what makes the cut tomorrow at midday!

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