Thursday, 21 January 2010

the radio show returns!

better late than never i always say! ALWAYS.

today's show sounded like this:

- at the drive in - one armed scissor
- en vogue - don't let go
- adam green - breaking locks
- first aid kit - hard believer
- vampire weekend - cousins
- ted leo and the pharmacists - the ballad of the sineater
- the 17th century - notes
- ardentjohn - one step behind
- penguin cafe orchestra - telephone and rubber band
- the pernice brothers - 7:30
- sambassadeur - days
- far - pony
- lightspeed champion - marlene
- frightened rabbit - nothing like you
- los campesinos! - romance is boring

the last five, as i mention about a gazillion times during the show, were some of the 12 songs that the vivian girls have reviewed for the next edition of the skinny. twas nice of them to agree to do it, even nicer to agree to walk from the venue to my flat for the interview. it was a nice experience, a) because they were very lovely indeed and b) because it finally gave me the impetus to get rid of the christmas tree carcass stuffed in the corner of the room.

if you want to listen to the show, click here to go to subcity!


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