Saturday, 9 January 2010

review: christmas songwriter's club, leith dockers club 23rd december

here's the not-exactly-topical-anymore-but-might-as-well-post-it-anyway review of the above gig...

The Christmas Songwriter’s Club adheres to three rules - sort of. One: no covers (apart from Bart Eagleowl’s hesitant attempt at Withered Hand’s It’s A Wonderful Lie – but he was in the band once, so that’s ok). Two: spread Christmas cheer (except that this is predominantly textbook indie-Christmas i.e. miserable odes to absent loved ones and toys). And three: don’t tell anyone ‘bout it (a dubious marketing strategy that is instantly rescinded).

But confusion and incoherence are part of the appeal: several contributors (which this year include members of Broken Records, Jesus H. Foxx, Chutes, Come On Gang and ringleaders We See Lights) apologise for the slapdash quality, and while in most cases it’s probably best that the exclusive songs remain as ephemeral as snow, that’s besides the point: as bands swap members and support, goodwill fills the room. Dear Santa: please make this a perennial festive tradition.

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