Wednesday, 24 February 2010

guten tag


bottle rocket radio is back tomorrow (yay! yay!).

last week i was in berlin doing film festivally things, which i had hoped would influence the songs on the first radio show back. turns out nothing i saw had a decent soundtrack (apart from wee bits of 'the kids are alright', but that was pants...). however, i did see eddie argos of art brut and dyan valdes of the blood arm in their new, spiffingly-named outfit everybody was in the french!, so expect to hear something from their debut album.

while i was away deutschlanding, mike was in glasgow keeping bottle rocket on the road. by all accounts, it was a mega-ace-coolio evening, and we'll have the playlist up in the next few days (once we've managed to decipher the handwriting...). can't wait that long? then i'll play something from saturday night tomorrow too - that alright?

also on the cards - new music from fursaxa, kind of new music from four tet, and not-new-but-exciting-atp-addition joanna newsom. ooooooh yeah

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