Saturday, 6 February 2010

we sing a song that was hated

look at me and tell me if you've known me before...

yes. we will do that.

i flipping well love inland empire. one of my favourite films OF ALL TIME IN THE WORLD EVER. also, incidentally, one of the most exciting cinema experiences i've had, courtesy of the glasgow film festival a few years back. every year the list sponsors a screening of a top secret mystery movie, with the audience buying a ticket blind and hoping that they get something good. judging by the steady dribble of exasperated punters leaving constantly throughout, a three hour headfuck wasn't what everyone had in mind (i reckon the festival organisers realised this themselves: last year we got the gentle norweigan comedy o horten, and the year before that the chucklesome and nostalgic son of rambow - far more suitable saturday night fare...).

which brings me to the real topic of this post: this week's radio show. i'm off to berlin for five days the week after next, so this thursday's show has to cover two weeks of events and releases rather than the typical one. were i in the country, one of those weeks would have been spent discussing this year's glasgow festival. last year i did a movie special, with loads of my favourite soundtrack cuts, but the music side of the festival this year is so good it'd be a shame not to explore it a little. so there'll be music from delightful indie-pop drama '1234' (and i'll have an inteview with director giles borg in the cineskinny - and here - sometime soon...) plus tracks from nick cave and possibly the white stripes, both of whom are the subjects of documentaries screening at the fest. a mogwai song will likely crop up too, to mark their movie debut 'burning', while a thomas truax song will recognise his upcoming gig at mono. and since he'll be performing tracks from his last album 'songs from the films of david lynch', that brings us nicely full-circle!

there'll also be more conventional gig-related songs and new releases, including more from the new los campesinos and vampire weekend albums, and wonderful music from the forthcoming shearwater and efterklang records.

thursday, 12-1pm,


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