Tuesday, 10 August 2010

bottle rocket is cool for cats

wot with best coast an' wavves an' keyboard cat (is keyboard cat still funny and hip?) an' that, cats are SO IN right now.

despite this, nice n sleazys do not, to the best of my knowledge, permit felines in the building (i suppose they'd probably hide their shit in the speakers, and it's not like they'd enjoy themselves anyway, i mean they're cats forchrissakes). but if one WERE to find its way downstairs at half eleven on the... 21st of august, well by jove, said kitty would be so darn delighted with what they encountered that they'd look like the one in the poster. i mean, just look at that face - some proverbial cream has totally been got. of course, rather than lounging about all tired-like, it'd be hot-pawing across the dancefloor to all the cracking tunes.

should you wish to join this metaphorical dancing cat at bottle rocket's 25th installment, simply follow the instructions below:

1. don yer party clothes and dig out yer dancing shoes.
2. mosey on down to nice n sleazys on sauchiehall street - if thee mosey fast and get there before half eleven its free. but if thee mosey slow, it's £3.
3. dance dance dance dance.

if you've requests, stick em on the wall of this here facebook page.

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