Wednesday, 9 November 2011

november skinny!

the november edition of the skinny has malcolm middleton and aidan moffat on the cover. and whaddaya know? arab strap will be playing in nice n sleazys as part of their 20 year celebration! wizard! tickets are all long gone like, but it's cool nonetheless...


as i might have already mentioned, i wrote this month's cover story, which features interviews from the aforementioned arab strap blokes, plus members of franz ferdinand, the twilight sad, mogwai and the phantom band, on the subject of nice n sleazy's 20th birthday celebrations. Read it here if you haven't already.

also in this week's issue are the following me-penned pieces:

- herman dune live review (read here!)
- envy live review (read here!)
- simian ghost - lovelorn' ep review
- charlotte gainsbourg - 'stage whisper' album review
- ane brun - 'it all starts with one' album review (read here!)
- wooden wand and the briarwood virgins - 'briarwood' album review (read here!)
- portugal. the man - 'in the mountain, in the cloud' album review (read here!)
- johnny foreigner - 'johnny foreigner vs everything' album review (read here!)
- seafieldroad - 'seafieldroad' album review (read here!)

pick up a copy from all the usual places!

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