Thursday, 26 January 2012

m83 @ the arches, 19th january

Like post-Fromageau M83, Porcelain Raft is effectively one man’s nom de plume, but, also like M83, Mauro Remiddi is not performing alone, with live drums augmenting his array of electronics. It’d be fair to say that there are quite a few similarities between headliner and support, in fact, though Remiddi’s dreamy electro-pop is considerably less bombastic than Anthony Gonzalez’s recent work; more hesitant and personal than M83’s comparatively unsubtle accomplishments. Tonight is Porcelain Raft’s debut Glasgow show, and it’s an excellent introduction.

Over an hour passes before the evening’s next Intro; by the time the Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming opener takes flight, the oscillating drone piped from the PA between sets has fair outstayed its welcome. A stellar opening run initially helps quell any potential doubts that M83’s tardiness might have instilled in a packed-in Arches crowd: a Teen Angst/Kim & Jessie double prompts a mental note to dig out half-remembered eighties-films when The Skinny gets home, while Reunion’s opening chords add The Breakfast Club to the viewing list.

Thereafter enthusiasm dips; by all measures, Sitting should ignite the room, but it’s knocked out coolly and, in response, dancing remains minimal, with neither band nor crowd as animated as you might expect. Midnight City successfully hoists audience buzz up several gears, but the fresh spark it generates has nowhere to go - Gonzalez is unwell, and the set is brought to an early close. On the plus side, though, that leaves plenty of time for a post-gig Gleaming the Cube/Dreamscape double-bill.

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