Wednesday, 4 January 2012

most played artists of 2011!

another day, another list - here's a countdown of the thirty bands/singers/etc that have been played the most times at our last twelve dancing parties! wherever there's a tie, i've ignored it and gone with, well, whatever really - not like it matters...

30. the radio dept.
29. depeche mode
28. kate bush
27. surfer blood
26. dexy's midnight runners
25. the strokes
24. the rolling stones
23. idlewild
22. bon jovi
21. the ramones
20. elvis presley
19. dananananaykroyd
18. rem
17. the magnetic fields
16. ash
15. pulp
14. pixies
13. the b-52s
12. sons and daughters
11. the beastie boys

10. weezer

oh hi, can you play some weezer? like, early weezer, obviously?

9. belle and sebastian

well, it wouldn't be a scottish indie-pop evening without em...

8. abba

for a long time, abba basically equated to 'lay all your love on me', but lately we've been diversifying...

7. talking heads

there's a crazy amount of danceable stuff to choose from in their discography - this one went down pretty well i recall...

6. the smiths

see #9 - if we don't play them, someone will sulk. truth.

5. prince

oh lordy, that little purple fella sure ups the dancefloor ante...

4. fleetwood mac

the top four are all tied on 11 appearances in 12 nights. wowee. when it comes to fleetwood mac we basically just rotate the same three or four songs, but what marvellous songs they are.

3. david bowie

nicely flexible with pretty much all eras getting a look-in, though eighties bowie has the edge

2. blondie

parallel lines used to dominate, but only because it was the only one of theirs we carried with us. it's a bit more varied these days...

1. bruce springsteen


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