Thursday, 17 May 2012

errors @ the arches, 11th may

Though he’s appeared on many a bill in one guise or another, tonight is Lewis Cook’s first ‘proper’ Mother Ganga show. He’s off to a solid start: the ex-Yahweh man’s Not Not Fun-ish electronica is warm and wonky, its pop patina ensuring that, despite the early kick-off and yet-to-fill venue, plenty of heads are turned. But it’s up to Mermaids to get punters body-movin’, their dynamic mix covering all bases to build a substantial head of steam. By the time Errors take up instruments, there’s a veritable buzz in the air.

Tonight is the trio’s biggest Scottish gig to date; not for long, we’d wager. The opening run of songs matches Have Some Faith in Magic’s tracklisting and sets a stellar benchmark, the band translating Tusk’s bombast, Magna Encarta’s gently-mutating folds, and Blank Media’s melancholic drift with expert precision.

Though few in number, Steev Livingstone, Simon Ward and a silhouetted James Hamilton whip up a staggeringly big sound, most obviously on a supercharged Mr Milk – in the six years since its release, it's metastasised into an absolute beast, no mistake. But its ‘signature tune’ status is on the wane: with Pleasure Palaces on the scene, other tracks don’t get a look in when it comes to picking highlights. We’d be singing along if we had the first clue as to the words; instead, we dance – it’d be folly to resist.

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