Wednesday, 23 May 2012

may skinny

yeah, yeah, i know it's been out for ages...

what's that? you want to know what bits i wrote?  why, this:

- 'noise of summer' - preview of the summer's music festivals (read here!)
- 'q&a: the unusual suspects' - wee q&a interviews to accompany the above article.  written with dave kerr, it features paws, aidan moffat, new order, mastodon, we were promised jetpacks, the pictish trail, mogwai and remember remember (read here!)
- 'the inbetweeners' features - new blood profile of french wives (read here!)
- graham coxon @ the garage live review (read here!)
- butcher boy @ cottiers live review (read here!)
- it hugs back - 'laughing party' album review (read here!)
- taffy - caramel sunset' album review (read here!)
- french wives - 'dream of the inbetween' album review (read here!)
- admiral fallow - 'tree bursts in snow' album review (read here!)
- cafe de flore film review
- crime or punishment?!? dvd review
- lucky luke dvd review (read!)
- griff the invisible dvd review
the other few reviews will be up on the blog later in the month!

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