Monday, 11 June 2012

june skinny


issue 81 of the skinny magazine has been out a few weeks already - here's what i wrote:

- the science of sleep: interview with happy particles (read here!)
- live music highlights column (read here!)
- errors/mermaids/mother ganga @ the arches live review (read here!)
- perfume genius/cate le bon @ captains rest live review (read here!)
- holy mountain/happy particles/body parts @ mono live review (read here!)
- future of the left - 'the plot against common sense' album review (read here!)
- volcano! - 'pinata' album review (read here!)
- mina tindle - 'taranta' album review (read here!)
- variety lights - 'central flow' album review
- the grand gestures - 'the grand gestures' album review (read here!)
- the turin horse film review (read here!)
- the squad dvd review (read here!)

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