Saturday, 2 June 2012

review: future of the left - the plot against common sense (skinny album of the month)

Future of the Left - The Plot Against Common Sense (****)

Brace yourself: Andy Falkous has some things to get off his chest. The Plot Against Common Sense sees him exercise his caustic humour on a variety of irritants: trust fund rioters, false icons and the human race’s inherent fucked-ness, to name a few. Yet Falco saves his blackest ire for the hilariously unhinged Robocop 4 – Fuck Off Robocop; a howl from the edge of sanity directed squarely at Hollywood’s bilge pump (the one syphoning product from Michael Bay’s anus directly to your eyes). It’s both terrifying and spit-out-your-coffee funny.

Such apocalyptic calls to rights (or arms?) receive suitably ferocious musical casings: brace as opener Sheena is a T-shirt Salesman pummels the solar plexus with machine gun drums and thick distortion; wince at Failed Olympic Bid’s industrial squeals; get swept up in Notes on Achieving Orbit’s dense crescendo. But there are opportunities to catch breath as well: Goals in Slow Motion features their poppiest riffs to date, while Sorry Dad, I Missed the Riots shows off the extra textures supplied by new members Jimmy Watkins and Julia Ruzicka, with keyboards from the latter extending the band’s parameters persuasively. Ever askew, their intelligence and fiery passion is invigorating, volatile and essential.

Out 12th June

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