Friday, 3 May 2013

Low @ Classic Grand, 27th April

Ten minutes before tonight’s headline set is scheduled to start, a projected clock commences a countdown. With fifteen seconds left, Low take their positions; the moment the digits hit zero, the Minnesotan trio begin to play. Their precision is impressive, albeit characteristic. After all, this is a band of renowned exactitude; an act with a frequently sublime discography in which every note, every brushed hi-hat and every harmony feels meticulously placed.

Tenth LP The Invisible Way dominates tonight’s set, with Holy Ghost an early standout thanks to Mimi Parker’s heavenly, devastating vocals. Alas, Low aren’t the Classic Grand’s only residents this evening, and when they hold back and play at a whisper, rumbles from the rooms beneath intrude on the mood. But Alan Sparhawk handles the infringement with good humour (his repartee culminating in an impromptu karaoke detour in the encore), and ultimately, it ceases to register – all irritations fading in the presence of such assured beauty.

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