Wednesday, 29 May 2013

may skinny

yeah, yeah, it's practically june already, but nonetheless: be sure to have a gander at this before it disappears...

ma bits:

- 'Encounters at the End of the World: An Interview with Sarah Gavron' feature (read here!)
- 'Summit Special: An Interview with Stephen Pastel' feature (read here!)
- British Sea Power/ Casual Sex @ Oran Mor live review (read here!)
- Steve Mason @ King Tuts live review (read here!)
- eagleowl - 'this silent year' album review (read here!)
- The Pastels - 'Slow Summits' album review (read here!)
- Sam Amidon ' 'Bright Sunny South' album review (read here!)
- Brazos - 'Saltwater' album review (read here!)
- Thirty Pounds of Bone - 'I Cannot Sing You Here, But For Songs of Where' album review (read here!)
- Boats - 'A Fairway Full of Miners' album review (read here!)
- Woodenbox - 'End Game' album review (read here!)
- 'Village at the End of the World' film review (read here!)
- 'Hors Satan' DVD review (read here!)

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