Thursday, 30 April 2009

penutimate radio...

we realised shortly before going on air today that next week will have to be our final show (the station keeps broadcasting for another week after that, cept we'll be at all tomorrow's parties...). so, obviously, we made this one EVEN BETTER than usual, no mean feat considering the high standard we've stuck to week in, week out since beginning way back in october. next week it's THE ALL TIME BEST OF BOTTLE ROCKET IN THE WORLD EVER!! basically we're gonna look over the clubnight's playlists and make a list of our most played bands, then play a song by as many of em as we can fit in. so, in the final installment of our regular setup (which would usually follow the format: new stuff; atp; the vault; gigs; whatever's left), this is what we played:

- the specials - a message to you rudy
- camera obscura - french navy
- the late cretaceous - if harold and maude were dinosaurs
- bill wells and maher shalal hash baz - time takes me so back
- melt banana - shield for your eyes, a beast in the well on your hand
- styrofoam - a thousand words
- the acorn - hold your breath
- the charlatans - can't get out of bed
- the fall - rowche rumble
- sucioperro - liquids
- jesus h foxx - trying to be good
- hockey - too fake
- lloyd cole and the commotions - are you ready to be heartbroken?

like the look of that? then click here and fill your ears with it.

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