Thursday, 2 April 2009

you were kinda sorta my best friend...

today bottle rocket radio indulged (over-indulged some might say) in When You Were Mine, cos its a ruddy wonderful song no matter who sings it. so, after playing dent may's cover last week, we spun versions by cyndi lauper and casiotone for the painfully alone this time. excessive? perhaps. but its not like we spent our time making our own version or nothing, i mean, ahem, what kind of idiots would, er, do that... sigh.

this is the music that got us from point a (2pm) to point b (3pm) on the 2nd of april in the year of our lord 2009:

- cyndi lauper - when you were mine
- pelle carlberg - 51
- rose elinor dougall - start/stop/synchro
- manic street preachers - your love alone is not enough
- bonnie prince billy - i came here to hear the music
- les savy fav - scotchguard the creditcard
- bon jovi - these days
- thomas truax - twin peaks (falling)
- johnny foreigner - ghost the festivals
- remember remember - the dancing
- danananaykroyd - pink sabbath
- y'all is fantasy island - wreck on the highway
- casiotone for the painfully alone - when you were mine

next week's show will absolutely, definately, 100% be less when-you-were-mine-y.

br x

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