Sunday, 29 November 2009

bottle rocket would look psychotic in a balaclava

last week's 'it-is-totally-time-for-christmas-music/it-is-so-not-time-for-christmas-music' quandry is over. the advent has (almost) begun, which means christmas music is a-ok! that said, the 25th is still a loooong time away, so i'll keep it to no more than one carefully selected song this week. otherwise yule only get annoyed (YULE! HARHARHAR)

you: "what else will i hear if i listen to the show on thursday? one christmas song does not a one hour radio show make!"

me: "very true. allow me to run through some other plans"

1. the skinny will have announced its top 10 albums of the year AND its top 10 scottish albums of the whole big fat decade by then so i'll play songs from both lists (including the number ones, but i aint telling you yet wot they is so don't even ask yeah?).

2. all tomorrow's parties will be almost close enough to touch with my mind-fingers, so i'll play associated acts like my bloody valentine, stephen malkmus and the mars volta.

3. some new stuff - vampire weekend alright sir/madam?

4. lotsa stuff from this week's live picks: like the gothenberg address, lightning dust and yeah yeah yeahs. AND THAT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING.

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