Thursday, 5 November 2009

cough cough cough etc

wow, doing a radio show with only half a brain (the other half having succumbed to an 'orrible virus) is less than pleasurable. probably should have stayed in bed...

but on the plus side, i don't talk all that much, and there's loads of great music to enjoy if you listen again. sixteen songs no less!

- grizzly bear - two weeks
- yeah yeah yeahs - date with the night
- lightning bolt - colossus
- mew - new terrain
- yo la tengo - stockholm syndrome
- mcintosh ross - the great lakes
- maps - you don't know her name
- the go away birds - the year of letting you down
- blue roses - i am leaving
- shonen knife - cycling is fun
- fionn regan - be good or be gone
- jay reatard - man of steel
- the fall - alton towers
- the flaming lips - convinced of the hex
- the cave singers - at the cut
- mariachi el bronx - cell mates


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