Thursday, 26 November 2009

you have to go down a bit to see the light above...

today's radio hour is here to 'listen again' to if ye want - its been a coupla weeks since a new show was made available, so i expect there'll be quite a rush to click the link. on the teeny tiny off-chance that the opportunity to hear me talk cack for a while isn't temptation enough, these songs were aired:

- elektryczne gitary - co ty tutaj robisz
- the ram jam band with geno washington - shake senora
- yeasayer - ambling alps
- arctic monkeys - cornerstone
- mission of burma - 1, 2, 3, partyy!
- spiral stairs - true love
- the melvins - night goat
- boredoms - 7- (ewe remix)
- father murphy - at that time i guess we misunderstood
- teenage fanclub - discolite
- night noise team - menolick
- asobi seksu - thursday (acoustic)
- dirty projectors - cannibal resource
- malcolm middleton - we're all going to die

apparently that isn't even the first time elektryczne gitary have been played on subcity (they took our jobs, a specialty polish music show, got there first, the scoundrels...). who'd have thought it?

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