Wednesday, 8 September 2010

jonsi @ O2 academy, 5th september

Tonight’s backdrop animations – woodland creatures; a wolf prowling the forest – make compelling viewing, affirming what television producers have long known: Jónsi’s voice and the timeless beauty of nature make apposite companions.

Then the woodland combusts and the wolf explodes into paint, and it’s clear solo Jónsi is a more unusual creation than Sigur Rós have (so far) allowed themselves to be. Despite Goblin King garb, Jónsi opens low-key, but when the likes of Animal Arithmitic spread Technicolor wings, it’s clear how wide his horizons have grown.

Later he’s alone on stage, foetal and wailing glitches and noise, transformed from Gaian entity to ghost in the machine. As finale Grow Till Tall builds, the screens fill with rain and the band flail as if buffeted by the winds. And for a moment you feel it too, till you realise the only tempest is the one swirling in your chest.


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