Friday, 24 September 2010

mgmt @ barrowlands, 20th september

and here's another skinny live review for your perusal...

Scrutinise reactions tonight and a pattern emerges. Electric Feel – recorded for posterity on a sea of mobile phones. Siberian Breaks – chatter. The Youth – yelping and hollering. Song For Dan Treacy – trip to the bar. While the discrepancy between attention-grabbing debut and less-instant follow-up has been much discussed, it’s a shame that the respective enthusiasm from crowd and band is so polarised and conflicting this evening.

While the former explode to Time To Pretend, the latter seem eager to return to aping Syd Barrett; when they duly do so, they’re faced by a largely disinterested Barrowlands. There’s considerable movement towards exits after said breakthrough hit concludes, and the exodus would likely be larger if there weren’t hopes that Kids would make an appearance (never guaranteed). When it does it prompts near-hysteria, but at the cost of further unbalancing an already delicate equilibrium between MGMT’s aspirations and Glasgow’s expectations.

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