Thursday, 30 September 2010

october skinny

looks like this:

nice eh? it's been through a redesign this month, and it's looking pretty spiffing. the phantom band have been sticking their oar in here and there with various bits of content, as well as taking the editorial reigns on occassion. music-wise, there are interviews with grinderman, yeasayer, team ghost, ice cube, swans, fever ray and more.

PLUS stuff i wrote, namely:

- a teeny tiny preview of the eastern promise festival taking place this weekend
- doves live review (click here!)
- wilco live review (click here!)
- jonsi live review (click here!)
- kurt wagner and cortney tidwell present kort - 'invariable heartache' album review
- glasser - 'ring' album review

and in the film section:

- restrepo film review
- south of the border dvd review

anything not yet on the blog will make its way there over the next few weeks. in the meantime, pick up a physical copy from loooooadsa places.

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