Tuesday, 14 June 2011

over the wall @ nice n sleazy, 3rd june

It’s day 78 of Over the Wall’s ‘Around the Isles in 80 Days’ tour, and there’s a suitably congratulatory atmosphere building. John Knox Sex Club open tonight’s homecoming in fine fettle: Sean Cumming’s patter is equal parts hellfire-evangelist, bothy-residing bard, and electrifying beat philosopher, and just when their brooding demeanour threatens to become overly serious, he ventures forth to distribute hugs – casting the devil out but putting a little love in its place.

Over the Wall take to the stage to boos, geniality temporarily suppressed thanks to an introduction from Richard Todd, whose dubious potted history of the band’s adventures to date includes the tragic tale of a spatula-headed boy’s cruel dismissal at the hands of Gav and Ben. But the negative vibes are in jest: Shifts disperses the mock-jeers and we’re off, through spiffing mini-epic A History of British Welfarism 1945-1984, all the way to consummate closer Thurso. As chants of ‘ONE! MORE! TUNE!’ morph into ‘KEY. BOARD! HEAVEN!’, the duo reappear to give the people what they want. “We’re having an Arab Spring right here!” declares Gav, as their ode to deceased Casios concludes the evening’s journey victoriously.

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