Thursday, 30 June 2011

july skinny!

The Skinny

and it's not even july yet! madness!

as you can see, united fruit are on the cover, as part of a run down of the bands playing T-break at this year's T in the Park. Plus interviews with tom vek, leftfield, and that lovely fella from IT crowd.

and my input, you ask?

- the pains of being pure at heart live review (read here!)
- MEN live review (read here!)
- tune-yards live review (read here!)
- over the wall live review (read here!)
- danananaykroyd review july's singles (i'll have this up on the site in two shakes of a lamb's tail)
- benjamin francis leftwich - 'last smoke before the snowstorm' album review (read here!)
- diva - 'the glitter end' album review (will be up soon!)
- junior boys - 'it's all true' album review (read here!)
- gardens & villa - 'gardens & villa' album review (read here!)
- shonen knife - 'free time' album review (read here!)
- richard youngs - 'amplifying host' album review (will be up soon!)
- foster the people - 'torches' album review (read here!)
- cell 211 film review (read here!)
- the great white silence film review (read here!)

loooooooads basically.

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