Tuesday, 18 December 2012

december skinny

the december issue of the skinny has been kicking about for a couple of weeks now - here's which bits my rabid fanbase should flick to first...

- albums of the year #5: cloud nothings - 'attack on memory' (interview with dylan baldi - read here!)
- light and shade: the skinny's films of 2012 - 'tabu' and 'the kid with a bike' (read here!)
- 'leap's year: an interview with randolph's leap' feature (read here!)
- bill wells and aidan moffat @ cottiers live review (read here!)
- breathless - 'green to blue' album review (read here!)
- various artists - 'some songs side-by-side' album review (read here!)
- martin rossiter - 'the defenestration of st martin' album review (read here!)
- the douglas firs - 'the furious sound' album review (read here!)
- sinkane - 'mars' album review (read here!)
- a band called quinn - 'red light means go' album review
- steve adey - 'a tower of silence' album review (read here!)
- various artists - 'whatever gets you through the night' album review (read here!)
- 'code name: geronimo' dvd review (read here!)

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