Monday, 23 March 2009

bottle rocket radio returns to its digi-home

subcity's FM licence may be done for another year, but the radio show certainly aint. we'll be back broadcasting over the interweb from thursday until the end of...actually i'm not sure when exactly. june? whatever, doesn't matter - what's important is the continued broadcast of our superduper show - thursdays, 2-3pm or anytime you bloomin want through the listen again archive.

if you think about it, this is well better than FM - after consulting numerous statistical sources, i estimate there to be a bazillion computers in the world, and all of them could be used to hear us! we're breaking out of the FM-Glasgow ghetto and taking it global! although maybe not in china i suppose, unless the occasional gang of four mentions are mistaken for communist allegiance (see also: andrew wk and his long-running advocation of 'the party').

if you've just read that paragraph and thought 'goodness, he talks a lot of bunkum' i have bad news - it's just me doing the show this week. i'll try and keep the 'rubbish banter/lovely music' seesaw tipped to the latter though, aided by super furry animals, the pink moutaintops, dent may and his magnificent ukulele and dirty projectors.


br x

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